Website Services

Now, you can start transforming your Web Site into an Automated
Lead-Generating Dynamo in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Leadmarketer it's a powerful tool that you can use to put your business  on the top of the market  world, with Leadmarketer  you can take the next step in the way of how  business are going to work in the next generation.

  • The leading provider of on-demand marketing software and services to the restaurant industry
  • Serving over 1,000 customers
  • Managing an opt-in member database of over 10 million guests
  • More than 1.5 million email messages distributed weekly
  • Key partnerships with Real Estate community to help you promote
  • Technology and services designed specifically for the retail industry
  • Automated Welcome, Birthday and Anniversary messages
  • Integrationwebsite between LeadMarketer’s email marketing and Templates & best practices for restaurants
  • 400+ restaurant-specific email templates
  • Restaurant-specific email creation tools including Offer and Restrictions wizards – Compose and send an email campaign in less than 10 minutes

    Social Media Integration

    Facebook e-club guest join
    Restaurant store location setup with links for social media sites including Facebook & Twitter

    Full service implementation and live phone support

    knowledgeable staff, dedicated to restaurant clients only
    Staff to handle e-club-related guest replies, and direct restaurant-specific comments to client

    Unlimited in-store guest enrollment materials