Do you want to pick up incredible deals at the Trustee Auctions but just don't have the time to attend the sales? Let a member of the County Records Research staff do it for you.

Click here to fill out a Trustee's Sale Bidding Services (TSBS) registration form to sign up for the service.   After you sign up, an email with Login and Password will be sent to you.
Click on the icon at the bottom of the CRR home page and log into your account
Select properties to bid on. Fill out the bid request form, identifying the properties and the maximum amount you are willing to pay.
Send certified funds to CRR to activate your bids.
Notification of sale results will be sent via email and phone on sale date
Click here to view: Trustee's Sale Bidding Service Tutorial

      Sample Contract                Sample Power of Attorney


400 Civic Center Drive, Pomona, CA 849 W. 6th Street, Corona, CA (3 pm sales only)

Interested in obtaining financing at the sales?  Please fill out this request for additional information.